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  • lol, just found your old art thread, Agous. I guess you didn't feel like sticking around such a small community, huh.

    I saw your sprite, but didn't know how to explain my critique of it...
    so I used Wyverii's head (shrunken slightly) to show you the approximate size I meant... (although this head doesn't fit with the image so you can't use it)

    also, the concept had the "paws" entierely within the "wings" - so I added that too

    please don't use this image, as it contains parts from other competitors drawings (which is why I'm not submitting this for competition)
    On a more personal note (too off topic for amethyst project)
    I was extremely rushed on time so I wasn't trying to really soften what I was saying.. If you look back a few posts I sounded just as harsh.
    I was just trying to get all my criticism on paper, I didn't have time to mention the good parts of them..
    So, sorry! :(
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